Our Company


Clinical trials are essential for developing new and innovative medicines and healthcare treatments. We support this vital advancement by sourcing pharmaceuticals used as comparators and co-medications in clinical trials.

Using our position as a fully integrated global pharmaceutical company with a unique combination of fully owned product lines and as Europe’s number 1 parallel trade business, we are able to shift the procurement dynamic from the standard transactional approach to a data and market intelligence driven supply chain. Our unrivaled product access enables us to provide a more reliable and economical service to our clients, enabling them to focus on the important task of researching and developing new treatments.

At Orifarm Clinical Trial Supplies (CTS), we recognise that the best supply chains are the ones that no one talks about.

We take pride in our transparent and reliable services that keep clinical trial supplies off the critical path and out of the spotlight, allowing study teams to remain focused on patient recruitment and bringing life-changing treatments to market.

Patients are at the centre of
everything we do, because we care.