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Years of experience in clinical trials

Clinical trials have come a long way since 1747

The very first controlled clinical trial of the modern era was conducted by
James Lind in the mid-1700s. His research concluded that oranges and lemons
were effective in the prevention of scurvy.
Clinical trials have come a long way since those days. Please take a look under
the skin of our capabilities and download our case studies to learn more of how
we can support you in bringing life changing medicines to patients.


2022: Experience, innovation and trust

Our long standing strategy is to remain focused on what we do best. Our team combine years of experience on the delivery of products for clinical trials along with a diverse range of prior experience in parallel industries and extensive clinical research activities. Our policy is to make our experience available to you and engage early in your drug development and study planning cycle. Early engagement allows us to share the benefit of the varied experience across our team and to ensure that clinical supplies stay off the critical path for bringing your product to market.


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