20. May 2024

Today, we commemorate World Clinical Trials Day, a day dedicated to recognising the critical role clinical trials play in advancing medical research and improving patient care. This day marks the anniversary of the first-ever clinical trial conducted by James Lind on May 20, 1747.

🔬 A Glimpse into History:

On this day in 1747, Scottish physician James Lind conducted what is considered the first controlled clinical trial aboard a ship suffering from scurvy. Lind's innovative approach and dedication to scientific rigor laid the foundation for modern clinical trials.

Key Milestones in Clinical Trials History:

1747: James Lind's scurvy trial demonstrates the importance of controlled experiments.

1940s: Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) emerge, setting the gold standard for clinical research.

1964: The Declaration of Helsinki establishes ethical guidelines for conducting medical research.

1990s: The rise of global clinical trials fosters international collaboration in medical research.

Present Day: Advances in technology and methodology continue to evolve, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials.

As we reflect on the history and progress of clinical trials, let's celebrate the collective efforts that drive medical advancements and continue to strive for a healthier future. 🌍

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